]Moan[ is a mixtape project in which Piu Piu explores musical intimacy. The artist has asked a selection of female friends to record themselves wearing nothing but microphones. Mixing together orgasmic sounds with a selection of appropriate tracks, Piu Piu tapes together with taste the sexual imagery of music with ideas of listening privately and to privacy.

Earphones in your ears please for multidimensional sonic pleasure ]Meow[

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Piu Piu about her project with Soundry:

Moan tracklist:

Divoli S’vere Feat B.Ames – Rose puss Ha
Krampfhaft – Bones
Lady – Pussy
Mike Din (Ryan Hemsworth remix) – Losing you
Lofty 305 – Embrace all
Zora Jones – Money cat
Nadus  DJ Taye  - Met a bad bitch
Photek – Pyramid
Chester Watson – Magic
?? – ??
Pearson Sound – down with you
Lauryn Hill  - I need you baby
Britney Spears – I’m a slave 4u (screwed)
Junior Mafia - Get money (instrumental)
Vessel – Lache
Yellaman – Swangin’ on the corner (Screwed&Chopped)
Jeremih – Birthday sex
Ta-ku - Sweat Like Keith
KRTS - The dread of an unknown evil
Coni – Flip
Cashmere Cat (Canblaster remix)- Kiss kiss
Kelly Rowland - Kisses Down Low


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